While cooking, you may have at one time experienced a particular mouth-watering instant when you suddenly realized that the delicious aroma of heated soy sauce has stirred your appetite!

Various complex amino acids and sugar contained in your soy sauce react when heated; this synergy tends to create a lovely and complicated fragrance and taste.

When we cook with soy sauce, this ingredient is not merely a medium for making delicious sukiyaki, simmered fish or marinades-warm soy sauce affects our sense of smell as well. By simply warming soy sauce, any cook can create an entirely new and complex interplay of aroma between the food and the soy sauce itself. When cooked at high heat, the amino acids and sugar contained in soy sauce undergo a chemical reaction-this chemical combination is what stimulates the appetite. It is the chemical combination that adds a nice smell to foods like s e n b e i ( rice crackers), fried rice and teriyaki. The chemical reaction is augmented when heated with sugar, and further enhanced if honey or mirin (sweet sake for cooking) are added.

Teriyaki sauce contains soy sauce and mirin, and when grilled with chicken or fish, its tempting aroma tends to bring on hunger pangs!

The delicious aroma of heated soy sauce stirs the appetite.

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