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A - Z Soups & Salads Eggs & Cheese Meats, Poultry & Seafood Vegetables & Side Dishes Breads Desserts
Allspice Jerk Meats Rice pilaf Baked goods Pies, cookies, cakes
Anise Seed Meats Curry Sauces Breads Cookies
Annato Seed cheese Chicken Meat Fish Rice pilaf Oil for cooking
Arrowroot clear soups sauces stir fry
Asafoetida Indian soups Curries, Indian stews lentil, legumes
Basil Chowder Minestrone Soufflé Omelettes Meat Poultry Fish Beans Tomatoes Pasta Sauces Herb Bread
Bay Leaves Soup Rarebit Poached Fish Veg. stews Herb breads
Black Cardamom Meat curry Vegetable Curry
Bouquet Garni Soup Stews & Sauces chicken, veal, fish
Caraway soups, cheese, sauces sausage, beef, pork cabbage, sauerkraut, potatoes breads, rolls, crackers cookies
Cardamom beef, curries vegetable curries sweet breads cakes, cookies, pies
Cassia & Cinnamon French Toast, custard Moroccan Tagines, curries breads, rolls, crackers pies, cookies, cakes
Cayenne soups, chilli omelettes, Cheese dishes meat, chicken, fish
Chervil cold soups most savoury egg dishes chicken, veal, fish
Chillies soups all meats, chicken, fish vegetable sides herbed breads
Chipotle Chillies chilli, stews meat dishes, chicken
Chives potato soup, salads omelettes, cream cheese chicken baked potato Herbed breads
Cilantro gazpacho, tomato soup omelettes chicken, fish vegetable sides, rice
Cloves fruit soups pies, cakes, cookies
Coriander soups, stews cheese sauces beef, pork, chicken, fish vegetable and rice sides, legumes breads add to pies with cinnamon
Cocoa Mexican Mole, chicken sweet breads desserts
Coconut soups with fish or chicken stews, meat, chicken, fish rice, vegetable sides desserts, puddings, cookies
Cumin soups cheese, egg savoury dishes beef, chicken, fish, pork vegetable stews Herbed breads
Curry Blends soups, stews savoury eggs, devilled eggs meat curries vegetarian curries, Tagines
Curry Leaves soups Indian meat dishes
Dill soups, salads, cucumber eggs, cheese, cream cheese, Herbed butter chicken, fish tomatoes, eggplant, Herbed breads
Dundicut Peppers Indian & middle Eastern savoury dishes Indian & middle Eastern savoury dishes
Fennel tomato soups, spaghetti, lasagna, pasta, rice pilaf
Fenugreek curries curries
Five Spice Blend soups Duck, poultry, stir fry stir fry sauces
Galangal soups Thai & Indonesian dishes
Garam Masala soups, stews, meat stews rice & legume dishes, vegetable sides
Garlic soups, stews, salad dressings to taste all savouries rice, grains, legumes, potatoes & vegetable sides garlic bread, garlic butter
Ginger soups, salad dressings some meat dishes, stir fry veg. sides gingerbread pies, cakes, cookies
Habanero Chillies Hot Latin foods
Herbs de Provence soups, salad dressings soufflés pork, chicken potato dishes
Horseradish stews, dressings, dips cheese spreads beef
Jalpeno Chillies cheese chicken, beef, pork, Mexican foods beans, chilli, rice pilaf breads, bagels
Juniper Berries beef soups, stews, onion salads Sauerbraten, venison roasts, stews, beef, fish marinade
Kalonji (Nigella or Charnushka) curries, Tagines, Middle Eastern & Indian savouries rice, legume, vegetable sides. Breads, rolls, bagels
Lavender soups, salad dressings cream cheese chicken, fish, pork potatoes, leeks, onions
Lemon grass Soups Chicken, fish vegetable sates
Mace soups egg & cheese savouries beef & pork legumes, curries, potatoes sweet breads desserts
Marjoram soups, salads egg fritata chicken, beef, pork, fish rice pilaf, potatoes, tomato & pasta sauces herb breads
Mint soups chicken, stews fresh vegetable dishes
Mustard salad dressings eggs & cheese chicken, fish, pork, beef, stew, curries potatoes, cabbage, onions, Kale, greens
Nutmeg eggs curries spinach, chard, potatoes sweet breads desserts, pies, cakes, cookies
Oregano soups, stews, sauces egg savouries chicken, pork, beef rice, pasta, legumes, couscous herbed breads
Paprika soups, sauces, stews eggs, cheese dishes chicken, veal, pork, beef chilli beans, goulash, pasta, rice, legumes breads
Peppercorns soups, stews, salad dressings eggs & cheese meats & fish potatoes, rice, pasta, grain, & legume dishes fresh fruit desserts
Poppy seeds salad dressings pasta kugel (casserole), curries breads, bagels cookies, tarts, fillings
Rosemary soups, stews Lamb, chicken, veal, pork potatoes, couscous, lentils herb breads
Saffron soups cream cheese chicken, fish, potato, rice, couscous sides breads cakes, cookies
Sage sauces & gravies meat, turkey, chicken, game hens, veal, pork stuffing's, rice pilaf, herbed breads
Savory soups, stews eggs, cheese savouries beef, chicken, pork, venison potatoes, rice, casseroles
Star Anise soups & sauces chicken, duck, beef, pork
Szechuan Pepper soup condiment Peking duck, chicken, pork mixed with salt & pepper, used as a condiment
Tarragon soup Chicken, beef, veal sauces & gravies
Thyme soups, sauces eggs & cheese dishes Chicken, beef, veal, fish, all meats rice pilaf, potatoes, legumes herbed breads
Turmeric soups egg & cheese curries, chicken, meat & fish rice pilaf, potatoes, zucchini herb breads
Vanilla pies, cakes, cookies, puddings, desserts
Wasabi Spring rolls, Nori rolls
Zatar Blend Salad condiment casserole, meat dishes, used as a condiment Used as a condiment

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