Buzsáki tányéros
Reach beef soup with leavened cucumber


· Serves 6 ·


2 tablespoon

Lard (or other cooking fat)

2 tablespoon

Plain flour

1 level

Hot Hungarian paprika
(or you can mix with sweet
Hungarian paprika, to your taste)

400 grams

Beef (chuck or other stew beef)

1 large/ or
2 medium

Leavened cucumber

1 medium

Onion finely chopped

1 medium

Carrot, cut into little finger size

1 medium

Parsley root, cut into little finger size

1 clove



Green "Banana" pepper, whole (this is also called
"Hungarian wax"--use the sweet blunt one or
the pointed piquant one, as you wish)

500 grams/
~ 5 new potatoes

Hungarian Rózsaburgonya, or "pink potato"
peeled and cut into 1 inch square (2 cm. square) cubes

1,6 litres (6 cups)

Lukewarm water


Salt by your taste

150 grams

Sour cream

1. Fry the flour in one tablespoon lard (or in other cooking fat) until light brown at the bottom of the pressure-cooker. Pull away from the heat, allow to cool a little bit. Mix in the hungarian paprika. Add the lukewarm water, mixing well.  

2. Braise the onion in one tablespoon lard (or in other cooking fat), then add the carrots, the parsley, and continue to braise.

3. Add the beef, the cucumber, braised vegetables, the garlic and the whole green pepper to the soup. Season with salt and pepper, close the cooker, and cook for 35 minutes.

4. Carefully open the cooker, add the potatoes, close again and cook for another 6 minutes.

5. Put some sour cream into the plate, one teaspoonful per serving, then add the warm soup.

Remark: If you don't have pressure-cooker, extend the cooking time up to 3-4 hours on slow heat, covered with a lid, or until the meat is tender. In this case add the leavened cucumber only 1 hour before the expected finishing, not to be boiled to a pulp.

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