(Capsicum chinense)

Source: The Complete Chile Pepper Book
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'Charapita' is a small-fruited pod type from Brazil, also called pimenta do cheiro. The word cheiro in Portuguese translates as "odorous." A feature of all C. chinense fruits is the strong aromatic scent from the pods. 'Charapita' is a wild variety found in the Peruvian jungle close to the city of Iquitos, where the people are called charapas; thus the name of the chile pepper. The spherical pod is very small (less than 1/4 inch in diameter) and very hot. The thin-fleshed pods, which resemble chiltepíns, start as a very light yellow or ivory and mature into rich yellow. Unlike the chiltepíns, these pods stay attached to the plant when ripe. They are eaten fresh with foods or used as an ingredient in preparing all types of dishes.


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