Source: RABBIT STIFADO (The London Cookbook, page 106)

· Serves 4 ·


· 1 kg (2 lb 2 OZ) very small onions

· 1 rabbit, cut into portions

· oil for frying

· 125 ml (4 fl. OZ) vinegar

· 225 ml (8 fl. OZ) dry red wine

· 2-3 bay leaves

· 2 stick cinnamon

· salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

For the "bulgur pilau":

· 1 small onion, chopped

· 2 tablespoons olive oil

· 1 roll of vermicelli

· 200 gr (7 OZ) bulgur (chrushed wheat),

· 1 stock cube (chicken or vegetable)

· 225 ml (8 fl. OZ) water

· 1 ripe tomato, skinned and chopped


  1. Peel the onions and wash and dry the rabbit. Fry the rabbit and onions gently in hot oil. Transfer to a dish and fry onions gently until light brown.
  2. When the onions are cooked, transfer them to another plate and put the rabbit back in the pan with the vinegar, wine, bay leaves, and cinnamon. Let it simmer for 10 minutes then add the onions, salt, and pepper and enough water just to cover.
  3. Simmer gently, stirring occasionally, for about 45 minutes, until the rabbit is tender and the sauce thickens. Serve with "bulgur pilau".
  4. To make this, gently fry the onion in the oil, add the crushed vermicelli and stir a couple of time.
  5. Then add the bulgur wheat (it doesn't need to cook, it will just absorb the water and be ready to serve), stock cube, water and tomatoes. Stir a few times and cook until the bulgur wheat absorbs all the water.
  6. Remove from the heat, cover with a clean towel and put the lid on top so that all the moisture absorbed. It will be ready to serve in 10 minutes.

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